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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Princess!

Nine years ago we were blessed with Princess.

During my pregnancy I had all of the crazy mom worries before your second child is born. . .will I have enough love and energy for two??? We loved The General to pieces, but it had not been an easy road. My pregnancy with him was difficult (bed rest for 2 months), the delivery was difficult (after 16 hours of labor & 2 hours of pushing, I ended up with a C-section) and his baby days were even more challenging. The poor little guy had terrible colic. For the first 6 weeks of his life, he SCREAMED at us for hours each day. You can see why I was a little worried about starting the baby process again.

During the weeks leading up to delivery, I prepared. My sister came to visit at Christmas that year. While she was with us she cooked up a storm and froze several meals for us. I also did up extra meals. The MOPS group I belonged to volunteered to bring us meals and help out. My sister-in-law was on standby to come stay with us and help with the baby. I had my bases covered, I was ready for another bundle of love--even if that bundle screamed and fussed for weeks.

Then something miraculous happened. My water broke and we went to the hospital. After only 12 hours of labor I was able to deliver Princess v-back. I was so sure she was going to be another boy, that the room was dead silent when they held her up and said, "It's a girl!"

The first thing my husband said, with such a tenderness I tear up today just thinking about it, was, "Oh, my Princess." Which is how she came to be known as Princess. No, we don't call her that exclusively. But when we are home and chatting with her, that is the pet name we use. It is also a nice alias on my blog, as I do think it is wise to protect my children.

On to the rest of the story. . . There was a tense moment when they showed us a true knot in her umbilical cord. Oh, how blessed we are. To know that the outcome could have easily been tragic. We had the Carmelites praying for this pregnancy, what an answered prayer. God is so good.

Now as they were holding her up, she was just quiet. No fussing, just looking at us with a very content look. She was just perfect, ten little fingers, ten little toes, and all of her was so incredibly beautiful. See what I mean?

Well, the content time was not just a passing phase. Princess has just been one of those children that are so easy to parent. Her spirit is soft and kind, and you realize it is not your parenting. She is just good. She generally wants to do the right thing. She doesn't feel the urge to press the limits or constantly challenge. Now, she isn't perfect and we've had our moments as well. Her bedroom gives me fits each day. Overall though she is such a joy. She was the perfect fit for our little family. Each day I am so grateful for the gifts she shares and wonderful lessons I have learned by having this tender hearted girl for my daughter.

As for those worries about having "enough" for two. How silly I was. Princess came home, and it was like she had always been there. Adjusting to The General had been a challenge, but going from one to two children was just seemless for us. What a magical time it was for our family.

I find it interesting how God uses our children to mold us, and gives us just what we need. With my son I needed that hard headed little boy. I needed a tough one who could handle my immaturity and lack of patience. Then with Princess God taught me to be soft and gentle, so as not to damage her tender spirit. Each day I am thankful for this vocation of motherhood, and today I am especially grateful for my little girl. Happy Birthday Princess, your mommy loves you so very much.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday To The Princess!!!! Tell her her Auntie not only wishes her the best of special days, but also sends her a birthday prayer: The Lord use her tenderness to change the hardest of hearts for His kingdom. The cake is so cute and looks so yummmmmy. Can any one geta piece of cake around here? I love the writing. I forgot about the cooking, I just remembered (besides the sight seeing...zebras) the basement ceiling fallling down and the trailor park impersonation you did that made us laugh so hard it nearly caused me to wet my pants (its ok to stigmatize if you have ever lived in one... and we did, before Tami was born). I just had a re-laugh! Thanks!

  2. I'm reading your sweet tribute to your girl, and I had to laugh when the following story popped into my mind.
    Do you remember the time Sweet Princess called your bluff of leaving her behind if she didn't stop screaming in the car as you were heading home along I-5? Thank goodness the General helped you out but exclaiming, "Don't leave her behind! I love her!"
    Oh, man. I'm going to laugh about that one all day now.
    Happy belated birthday to your spunky girl.