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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Great Wolf Lodge

Looking for a way to beat the winter blues? How about a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge? We recently visited the one down in Williamsburg, VA. What a place. . . These are our very good friends. They were stationed here in DC with us, but have since moved on. They are still on the East Coast, so we make it a point to get together whenever possible.
We scored a Kid's Kamp room this time. Bubby LOVED his bed, who wouldn't? Isn't it just adorable? To think this is just the room and lobby. Sorry I have no photos of the waterpark. We were too busy playing.
If you have never been to a Great Wolf Lodge, think of an indoor waterpark--on steriods! There are water areas for the little tykes, there are wave pools and surf type areas for the big kids. There is the lazy river, that basketball--floaty area great for king of the hill, and of course the water slides. Some are calm, and some are more adventurous. We all love the Howlin' Tornado.
Since we are homeschoolers, we headed down mid week. (The rates are cheaper mid-week, and they also have a military discount.) Usually we are greeted with deserted arenas, not so much this time. It was a Maryland school break, so the place was packed. Even with all of the people, we still received excellent service. Once you made it past the check in line, it was smooth sailing.
When we grew tired of the water, or shall I say when Bubby had worn himself out, we checked out the play/craft room. They had fun crafts--some free and some paid. Mostly Bubby enjoyed playing with all of the blocks and trucks. There was also a game room The General enjoyed (I think it was a bit pricey though). Princess never grew tired of the water!
What a wonderful get away from the cold of winter.

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  1. Hey that looks like fun! And you kinda look like ME, how fun is that!!!