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Thursday, February 5, 2009

One, two, three, twirl. . . .

How cute is this??? Yes, my sweet Princess is giving her little brother ballet lessons. So if you were to happen by my house you would hear the Turkish Waltz blaring from the piano, with Princess & Bubby twirling to the music. Although I'm certain he may not be so excited about wearing a tutu when he is older, for now he is having the time of his life. In fact he said, "I have the bestest teacher in the whole world."

Okay, here's the funniest part about my beefy little ballerina boy. He had to go potty, so he consulted his teacher. When I ran him in the bathroom he informed me, "Princess said to make sure you lift up the dress first!"

Kiddos are so funny.


  1. That is priceless! I say, Bubby remind me of The General when he was younger.

  2. You're right, even down to the dressing up with girls. Oh, maybe The General is getting to big for me to publicly announce he used to wear dresses. ;)

  3. LOL!! My girls like to dress my boys up too. They call it The Girl Game and it can get really funny! Hubby doesn't like it but I think it's a hoot!