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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Building Character

That's The General, right in the center. He's just come down court, and is open for a pass. I don't remember what happened next, probably a turnover or missed shot. Sounds rather cruel of me, doesn't it?? Well, this year it is not about the game. It is about being a good sport and trying to have fun, even when it is difficult.
You see the scores of the recent games have been BLOW OUTS, as in 6-48, 3-45, and this last weekend The General's team experienced the win 40-6. How these lopsided feats have come to be in a youth league would take more space and energy than I have for my blog today.
So what do you do when you find your child getting clobbered each week? We've been talking about being a good sport. Find the fun times, and focus on them. Don't make excuses for losing, just work hard and do your best. Celebrate the little victories. I'm so proud, The General has been rising to the occasion. He's growing up.
Let's face it, many times life can feel a lot like this basketball season. When we find ourselves in those seasons, we can still find joy in the little things. Counting our blessings, and focusing on what we have as opposed to what we are missing. Again, I'm humbled by the lessons my children are teaching me.

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  1. I think some of the best lessons I've learned as result of having kids. And I thought I would teach them.