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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yummy. . . .

Another bonus to military life: All of the wonderful recipes you encounter.

One of my neighborhood friends was raving about these pickles before the holidays. Since she is a gourmet cook I thought, okay I'll give them a whirl. When I first tasted the pickles alone, without the cracker and cream cheese, they were pretty good. However, when you serve them atop a wheat cracker, with a thin layer of cream cheese. . . .they are heavenly! I crave these pickles, I eat them as a snack, I eat them as a meal, they are so very delicious. Give them a try and let me know what you think.

Here's the recipe:

Take a gallon jar of dill pickles. Drain all of the juice (yes all of it. . .I know I thought I needed to save some, but I was wrong). Slice the pickles into 1/4 to 1/2 inch slices. Put all of the sliced pickles back in the jar. Next add one small jar of tabasco sauce, 4 cups of sugar, and a head of garlic cloves (peeled) to the gallon jar. Store in your refrigarator, shaking the mixture daily to ensure everything is mixing well. Let the flavors mingle for at least 4-6 days, and your pickles are ready. To serve you can either eat the pickles and garlic cloves alone (my friend K likes them best this way, she loves spicy food!) I prefer them served on the wheat cracker with cream cheese. ENJOY!


  1. I've been waiting for this recipe! I'm a little put off by the garlic but am willing to give it a whirl!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. OH MAN!!!! my college roommate used to bring these to the dorm from home every time she went--we would sit on the bed and wolf down quarts at a time!!! She never would give me the recipe--just that it was sugar on plain canned pickles---haha HA!!! thanks!!

  3. Dandelionmom,
    Thanks. I have a serious weakness for Polish Pottery, but only when people bring it back from Europe. (Which means it costs significantly less than here in the states.)
    As for not sharing the recipe, I just don't get that. I have run across this a few times, and I just don't understand that way of thinking. If someone likes something I've made, I'm flattered and love to share.

  4. My appetite is back and now I'm totally craving those pickles.

    No, I'm not preggo.

  5. I so know what you mean. Glad to hear you are on the mend.

  6. Okay the last time I made these, I tried to eat the garlic cloves. . .OH MY, not such a good idea for the weak. I nearly barfed. My poor tummy was not happy for at least 12 hours. Poor Mr. Nomads had to endure me burping serious garlic the whole time! So unless you are a serious hot food lover, leave the garlic cloves to Katy!