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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Brown Cows

No we haven't moved to the farm. No Bessies or Bossies here at the Nomad Pad. Instead I have a little family tradition to share.
It started when Mr. Nomad was a small boy. His parents used to get the kiddos in their jammies, load them into the station wagon, then drive to the local ice cream place. There they would be treated to the delicious Brown Cow.
What in the world is a Brown Cow? I'm so glad you asked. A Brown Cow is one of the yummiest shakes you could ever ask for. You take a few scoops of chocolate ice cream, pour root beer over it, and stir it all together. Yep, a root beer float with chocolate ice cream. Though not good for your waistline, or any other part of your body for that matter, they are YUM-MEE!!
The tradition of the Brown Cow is carried on with the next generation. Only now we don't load the kiddos up, Grandma & Grandpa make them at home. Here are the kiddos enjoying Brown Cows with Grandpa. I love the memories and traditions my children have with their grandparents. It is such a special relationship. Now we just need to make it until Christmas. . . Grandma & Grandpa will be back, and you can bet this Momma will have the freezer stocked.
Hopefully Bubby will learn how to smile by then. Oh this bad smile phase is so painful. I'm beginning to resort to, "No, no Bubby. You don't need to smile. Just look at Mommy-PLEASE!"


  1. A brown cow may not be good for the waistline but what a treat for the soul, especially when its Grma & Grmpa memory material!

  2. What a great tradition. Thanks for sharing!

  3. perfect!! I had one that would grimace instead of smile--I just asked him questions and he started talking-at least it was a natural expression! Since he laughs with his eyes squinched tight the ol' jokey Mama trick did not work either! Gotta love the little oddballs doncha?

  4. YUM! We might just have to give those Brown Cows a try tonight. My kids will thank you, I'm sure!

    All my little kids have gone through the scrunched up face smile - you know, the one where they tilt their head up, and smile so big and hard that you can't see their eyes for their cheeks and teeth. It always makes me crazy at the time, but afterward it is OH SO CUTE!! :D

  5. Oh yea! Brown cows are going to be on the menu at our house!

  6. I hope you all enjoyed the Brown Cows.
    I know you feel my pain with the smile thing, but will I really think it is cute in a few years?