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Monday, November 2, 2009

Resurrection. . .

Remember when my in-laws visited last month? I told you of all the projects we tackled. My sister keeps pestering me to post some pictures, so here they are Jody. This armoir has been used in The General's room since he was a baby. With the big move we have given him our furniture, so this needed a new home. Mr. Nomad & I needed a piece for my TV (I say my because he hates having a TV in the bedroom). The only problem was the color didn't jive with our new bedroom set. Then there was this cute little wash stand. I found it in an antique shop one time. I don't know why, but I just love it. Sadly though, Mr. Nomad hated it. (Notice I used hate in the past tense.)
Mr. Nomad's mom, brother and Princess went to town sanding and staining these sorry, worn pieces of furniture.
After staining, there were several coats of poly.

Then we added new hardware.
Viola, some old tired pieces have been resurrected. We now have two beautiful pieces of furniture that were relatively inexpensive. The stain and poly were left over from a previous project my mother-in-law did, and the hardware was only around $50.
Now Mr. Nomad loves my old washstand.
Thank you family for all of your hard work. I love you so much, and am so appreciative of all you do for us.


  1. I love it. I am always so afraid to tackle a project like that.

  2. Wow! Very nice! I need to redo our ugly little dining room table and chairs. I bought them at a garage sale a year and a half ago, with the intention of refinishing them - but somehow have never gotten around to it. Do you think Mr. Nomad's family could come for a visit to MY house?! :D

  3. Tami, do you really do projects looking like that? Oh, I have so much to learn. I thought it was okay to wear scrubby clothes in those situations but you look like a freaking model!

  4. You'r a girl after my heart. This was always a dream put on the back burner. I let go of those pieces in my last series of moves. Some day....when I'm old and no longer have a girl to chase, I'll start looking around for some nice old pieces again.

    Beautiful! And I love your inlaws as well!

  5. Randi-All I did was put on the hardware. My MIL & BIL did all the dirty work while I ran the kiddos around and taught school. Let me tell you this: When I'm painting, model is not the word that comes to mind. Yes, my in-laws are so good to me.
    Brenda-It really wasn't that hard with these simple pieces. Like you said though, while we have little ones to chase around it is hard.
    ABM-I'll ask and see if they have any openings in their schedule. I may have worn them out though.

  6. Wow! Great job. I wish all our pieces needed was just some sanding, staining and poly. Too far gone for that. They look great!

  7. What a nice transformation! I have a dresser that matches your wash stand...now not only do our hearts and minds meld but our furniture also!

  8. Oh with your piano bed, we would have a beautiful bedroom set. When are you going to blog about that anyway?