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Monday, November 2, 2009


A conversation with my three year old.

Mommy: Bubby, no more wrestling with your brother! (Said with a stern voice and a pop on the hiney.)

Bubby: That's it! I quit this Nomad Family Game. I'm not playing any more. I'm going to my room. And babysitting myself. And playing by. my.self! (Said with an equally stern, frustrated voice.)

Mommy: Sorry, you don't get to quit the Nomad Family Game. (Under her breath says, I feel your pain Bub. Even you they make you crazy you don't get to quit the Nomads.)

2 hours later. . .

Mommy: Bubby, do you still want to quit the family?

Bubby: What?

Mommy: Do you still want to quit the family?

Bubby: No, I don't want to.

Mommy: Why not?

Bubby: I don't like to quit. Then I'd be sad, like when I get in trouble.

Mommy: I'm glad you changed your mind. I love you Bubby.

Bubby: Thank you.

That Bubby, he's so cute.


  1. That Bubby IS cute!! And smart too.

  2. I'm glad he changed his mind too! The Nomad team wouldn't be the same without Bubby!

  3. That Bub just makes me roll on the floor laugh!