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Monday, November 23, 2009

A new title song. . .

Since I'm a good Catholic mother, I have lots of guilt. For example, the other day I was apologizing to The General for him having to move all the time. For not having a best friend down the block anymore. . .oh the list goes on. Basically I was saying how sorry I was that he is forced to be a military brat.
To which The General replied, "Oh Mom I wouldn't trade that for anything!"
"Really?" I replied, rather surprised.
"No way! You know that Johnny Cash song? The one that talks about all the places he's been?"
"Yea, I know the one," I answer. Still a bit perplexed.
"Well, that's my song!" The General reports. Rather proudly I might add.

Here is The General with the map of all the states he has visited. He only needs 3: Alaska, Hawaii and Arkansas, and then he truly can sing along with Johnny.Princess needs 5: Alaska, Hawaii, Arkansas, Nevada and Michigan. Bubby is a little behind the big kiddos. Not a bad start for a 3 year old.
As Johnny Cash sings:
See What I Mean
I've been everywhere, man
I've been everywhere, man
Crossed the deserts bare, man
I've breathed the mountain air, man
Of travel I've had my share, man
I've been everywhere
The General has a point.
I find myself in yet another moment when my children impress me with their resilience and ability to see the silver lining. What a gift motherhood has been. May I always be blessed with the wisdom I gain from simply knowing my children.


  1. Clearly Bubby needs a trip to Disneyland. Probably with us. Just sayin'.

  2. ability to see the silver lining

    This is true. Thanks for sharing!

  3. whenever I read of your travels I think I should have married a military man, too. Except I wouldn't trade Dave for anyone (he was in the Navy once upon a time).

    You are such a gift to your children. I am truly convinced that if family life is great, then the friends our children don't have doesn't matter quite as much. And the General proved my thought to be true.

  4. Thanks Brenda, that is a very nice compliment. Yes, for the most part I've really enjoyed this military life. Mostly the people we've met. Which brings me to. . .
    Lorri, HMMMM. . .that is definitely some food for thought.
    To everyone else, couldn't you just eat that boy up? How can a 3 year old that can make me so crazy be so stinking cute. Oh, how I love him!

  5. Yes, for us that served in the military, it's not just the service member but the whole family. All families are special but it takes a really special family to be a military family. 8-) OK, let me pencil this in...Disneyland. Got it.