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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Feast of Saint Nicholas

Did you know that Saint Nicholas was a real man, who walked this earth? If you are interested in learning more about this great saint, you can visit this website. It tells the story of Saint Nicholas, as well as providing some great ideas for celebrating this feast day.

Now, I could have taken the time and space to share that information, but instead I'm going to share with you a little ah-ha moment I had while pondering the lives of saints. I mean really, why do Catholics spend so much time and energy thinking about dead people? Then the answer came to me. We honor the saints, and look to the example of their lives to inspire us to be more like them. More like the very people who loved "the Lord our God, with their whole heart, with their whole soul, with their whole mind and their whole strength." (Mark 12:30-31)
All of a sudden this idea of looking to those who have gone before us, made sense. Simply because their example has been set. We know definitively what that person contributed in their lifetime. Whereas, with people who are still alive today, there is always the problem of sin in the world. Think of all of the great leaders in our world, in our churches that start out with great hearts. They have wonderful intentions, but sin gets in the way, and they fail.
While a dead person isn't as easy to get all excited about. (Seriously, compare reading a book to standing in the auditorium filled with the energy of a dynamic speaker or singer.) Saints are a fabulous resource God has given me. By looking at saints, it helps me to dig deeper, and realize it is in their example I should be moved. In this day and age we are so accustomed to adrenaline and WOW, we NEED to learn to still our hearts. Be quiet and listen. It is in these quiet moments we will be able to hear God. It says in Matthew that "God will whisper His plans to us in the night."
So in this noisy season of celebration, which we have LOTS of noise here at the Nomad pad. (That noise isn't all bad either. It is lots of fun, and God is fun!) Tonight we are going to take a few moments to quiet our hearts, and listen to the message God has for us in the amazing example of Saint Nicholas.


  1. Brenda,
    I haven't forgotten your question. It is just it would be kind of lame for me to post this saint thing tomorrow.

    Why won't blogger leave my post alone? I have paragraph breaks in there, and it keeps just over riding them. AGH! Now, I have used up my computer time and I must get back to being a mommy. No more time to futz with this program!

  2. Yes, but you had a great post about St. Nicholas. Once upon a time, people celebrated their name sake on their feast day! So, happy St. Nicholas Day to all those Nicholas out there (including mine)!

  3. We did our annual celebration of St. Nick Day. There is such sweetness in the simplicity of it.

  4. He is my favorite too!

    Oh how fun. You Jody women are so good at that. While I lamely relied upon the F.A.I.T.H. celebration to treat my kiddos. At least somebody remembered to put a little something in the Nomad shoes. ;)

  5. By George, I think she's got it! :D

    We LOVE The Saint Nicholas Center site!!

    What was Brenda's question, anyway? Well, whatever it was, I'm looking forward to reading your answer to it.

  6. My question is "Do you ever disagree with other people in your church, and how do you approach it"? And I do know the answer is yes, and that we can separate worldly from Godly. But should you choose to worship with people who focus on teaching worldly, and being judgmental of others and they way practice own religion? And the answer is you can be a role model if you detach and focus on yourself. I like to think of Mother Theresa, who was not bothered by the politics of the church and what others thought. She focused on her mission of administering to the poor and dying.

    However, I think if one find themselves focusing on the negatives, feeling like you will never fit in...it might be best to move on. If I have to lose my integrity (do I need to be MORE judgmental?) to fit in, it won't work, and it shouldn't work.

    Okay, that gives Tami some cannon fodder to use. I am very interested in discussing this so I can USE what I learn.