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Friday, December 11, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Volume 1

1. Princess is the mouse in the Nutcracker, so why am I the one who is scurry, scurry, scurrying around?

2. I'm so grateful that Bubby's chin seems to be healing up nicely. I'm praying it doesn't leave too noticeable of a scar.

3. The boys both have colds, which is a bummer. We are heading out to go caroling at a nursing home this afternoon, and I'm going to have to leave them home. Which makes me sad for two reasons. First, The General doesn't get the opportunity to serve the community. Something I think we really need to do more. Two, the residents don't get to see Bubby sing Jingle Bells. Oh, that is the tragic part. When I'm old, I hope mommas with little toddlers come to sing to me.

4. I have gotten a few gifts for Christmas, but still have a significant amount of shopping to do. I am hopeful a huge space of time will open up in the next week, or I could be screwed. (Sorry for the foul language, but I can't think of anything more descriptive of my current lack of readiness.)

5. Have I told you lately how much I adore my MIL? I talked to her today about Christmas prep, and I'm certain she is a saint. She's bringing her recipe box, and we will go grocery shopping after we pick them up at the airport next week. Food planning for the holiday--check.

6. I recently had a talk with a friend who really has a stinker for a MIL, which makes me feel even more grateful. The talk made me realize how I have come to love K. as my own mother. She is like a gift from God, a sort of replacement for the lack of nurturing my own mother was unable to provide.

7. Our Advent is going smoothly. For the first time EVER, we have stuck to the Jesse Tree. Not bad for 7 years of attempts. (Remember when I told you I was a bit slow?) We are also LOVING Bartholomew's Passage. It is the highlight of our evening. Come to think of it, it may be the reason we stay on track with the Jesse Tree. What ever the case, I am just thankful that we are having a meaningful Advent.

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Have a wonderful weekend. I hope to be back to bloggy world soon. I know it may sound a bit corny, as I don't REALLY know you, but I am missing my blog friends. I've only had a few moments so skim your posts, with no time for comments. :( You know me, I have a big mouth--backed with lots of opinions. The pressure of no comment is building. . .


  1. Take your time getting back! Like the pink text in the sidebars.

  2. #1 its what Mama's do!
    #2 remember when J.J. was bit, I mean mauled, all the guys said it would give him character?
    #3 me too!
    #4 dooped, up a crik with out a paddle, done for??? just to name a few;)
    #5 you are blessed
    #6 yup you are double blessed
    #7 do not part with the Bart book until I've had a chance to read it!

    I know how you feel, I'm trying to check on every one over the weekend, I miss out when life gets crazy.

    #8 I won't always comment on every one of your 7, but just wanted you to feel loved 70x7