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Monday, December 28, 2009

Okay, I may be a little early on this one. . .

I was just looking for Tabitha's Travels. Remember, it is the third book from the Jotham's Journey Advent books? I was hoping to find it on eBay for a good deal. You know, maybe an after Advent special. Someone trying to clear out some clutter. Well, the one and only copy there was going for $50 with 4 days left on the sale. Now that is not a good deal, so I went back to my google search. It took me here. AND. . .it is being re-released in the Summer/Fall of 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe my good fortune! I am just so excited.
Now, could someone just remind me come summer to order my copy? :)

On a serious note, I would love it if you would check out these books. They have been such a blessing to our family. Not only do I hope this for other families, I would really love to see someone who inspires in such a positive way rewarded. So many books and movies in our day are such garbage, pollution to our very souls. Let's show those people in the printing and movie industry that good values and morals sells.

Do you have any great books or movies you would like to share?


  1. We have been loving the Little House videos lately. Michael Landon did such a nice job putting them together. It was my favorite as a child, and I'm so glad Desi agrees! We also check out the Little House Books that have been illustrated for preschoolers. I read Farmer Boy to Nick so many years ago, but he wasn't interested in Mary, Laura and Carrie.

    I also just discovered the Dear America tapes at the Library. I'm sure this is old hat for you, but reading to a girl is new to me!

  2. You're right, boys love Farmer Boy, but are done when it is just Laura and Mary. Fortunately my girl loves the books.
    Now, I've never heard of the Dear America tapes. Please tell me more!

  3. http://www.scholastic.com/dearamerica/books/dearamerica/standingfs.htm

    We checked out this VHS tape, but I understand they are books.

  4. How wonderful! The first is Bartholemew's something or other and the second is Jotham's Journey, right? Each year I get about half way through Advent and then remember them! So, you remind me and I'll remind you, and we'll both be set for Advent next year!

    Also, we are reading "The Thirteen Days of Christmas" by Jenny Overton. It was published back in 1972. It is set in England. I'm not the sure of the time period because I am no historian but I would guess the mid 1800s. Some great Catholic elements along with a humurous story that goes along with the twelve days of Christmas song. You read the first chapter on St. Nicholas Day and then a chapter a night from Christmas Eve until Epiphany. It is reaaly about a young lady and her suitor but my boys are even loving it!

  5. I also enjoyed the Dear America. Nancy Tue Christian heritage series is also very good. Little House anything is good, I have the little house cook book.

  6. Thank you ladies! Great ideas, now all I need is a quick trip to the library next week.
    Marti, it starts with Jotham's Journey, then Bartholomew's Passage, last Tabitha's Travels. I will try my best to do a reminder next fall.
    I will have to check out The Thirteen Days of Christmas for next year. That sounds wonderful.