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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A WOW moment at scripture study.

This year I am treating myself to a scripture study at church. Generally all daytime activities are for my children. As you fellow homeschoolers know, there is not a lot of time for "mom" activities. What a gift this has been. Each week we meet to discuss a chapter from the book of Matthew. We read the chapter and complete questions prior to our meeting. Then our study begins with a DVD talk from a priest. After the DVD, we break into small groups to discuss the questions.

Last week, while we were going over Matthew Chapter 8, there were some fabulous insights I just have to share. In this chapter of Matthew, Jesus begins performing some of his miracles of healing people. One of the first people he heals is a leper. So began the discussion of the significance of it being a leper who is healed. Especially the symbolism tying the disease of leprosy to sin. Leprosy is a slow degeneration of body tissue, while sin is the decomposition of our souls. (Little wow moment.)

While we were mulling over this point, a very wise young woman (how did she get so stinking smart--she's only 24!?!?) brought up this point. The biggest danger of leprosy is it makes your body numb. So you may bump into something, and it may cause a sore. This in turn may get infected, and then you may die from infection. If we use that same example, tied to the concept of sin. Hmmm. . .sin numbs me to sinful ways. Which in turn causes me to sin more, and before I know it I may be slowly causing the death of my soul. (BIG WOW MOMENT!) Isn't that powerful?

We all sat there quietly letting this soak in. We were all contemplating what things have I numbed myself to with sin. Could it be a movie that was a little questionable? How about just a few gossipy words to a friend? Or was it the shortness with my husband or children? You get the idea.

I am so grateful for this time to study and learn. More than that I'm eternally grateful God sent His Son for me over 2000 years ago. Thankfully, I am covered in His grace. Although I fall short time after time, He ALWAYS loves me and forgives. Because of His deep love and devotion, I long to be more like Him. . .less of my selfish me. Which means I need to take even those little transgressions seriously. I want to feel alive in Christ, not numb in this crazy world.


  1. I love this post, thank you... really, THANK YOU! It's so amazing how our God has given us such a wonderful, in depth, detailed parables! God is so good. I have to admit, though, that all Catholic's I know.... aren't necessary believers in the sense that you and I know a believer to be. I am always very confused about the Catholic faith and what that really means. I know there are ppl that's aren't really BELIEVERS in the evangelical church, too. I guess I alway thing of Catholicism as... they love Mary more then they ever pay attention to Christ and then work their way to heaven w/ good deeds. I would love to know more about YOUR Catholic faith!!! Because, like I said, I am always very confused about that religion. Thank you for the post:)

  2. What a beautiful 'light bulb' moment... I too, love the symbolisms that emerge from God's Word. It really opens up the Word to a whole new level.

    I love your heart's cry/desires. I pray the Lord continue to reveal Himself to you more and more...

    Bless you,
    (from Mary's blog).

  3. Wow mom! I guess staying in child care while you have bible study isn't so bad. If you're learning more about Jesus, I can suck it up and deal with child care. If only Bubby would stay there alone. Then again, he's a mama boy. Darn.


  4. Tessa,
    My post today will hopefully clear up your questions. Please feel free to ask me if you have any others. If I don't know the answers, I would be more than happy to research for you.
    Yes, I too marvel at God's wisdom in His word. To think we have been using the Bible for 1,700 years, and it still such a fabulous reference.
    Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the prayers.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping out with Bubby. Yes, I am learning so much, and I can then teach you. . .
    As for Bubby, he's a lot like you when you were little. He just needs a familiar face to feel comfortable. Like you, one day soon he will be able to face the world without us by his side, and you will know you had a hand in helping to raise his little spirit up for our Lord.
    Hope you are having a great day everyone!

  5. that one reason I love bible studies. Getting perspective from other people is so ....WOW! Thanks for sharing this Tami.

    This winter, I will be once again, going to a new church. There is this neat bumper sticker, that says COEXIST, and it has a star of David, and a cross, among other symbols. The reason I had to stop going to the last church, the final straw, was when the Sunday school teacher told us that Joel Olsteen doesn't pray right. I found I was starting to focus on the negatives of what they were teaching, instead of hearing the postives.

    So, my question is Do you ever disagree? and do you discuss it or keep it to yourself?

    I did say that I read Joel Olsteen alot, but that didn't deter the negative comments from others. I don't need to hear stuff like this in a house of God. So....off in search of a more perfect (lol) church.

  6. Great post Tami. Our parish does not offer a regular Bible study although they do special sessions where they bring in guest speakers, etc. We are still working on finding our rhythm so we can attend those. Still feel like we are running around.

  7. I love the example of the leper. I just met with a gal yesterday who is playing with sin and had every excuse in the book. Sin is sin, but I think there is great danger in the planned, in-your-face, God sin that distorts God's grace. Thank you!

  8. Love the Princess commenting! How sweet is that!?! This is a great post, makes me stop and think about what have I chosen to become numb to. Thanks for sharing.