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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Great Salt Lake

After our stint in Oklahoma last summer, we were able to explore the American West on our drive home to Washington State. Along the way we stopped by The Great Salt Lake in Utah. You cannot just drive by without checking it out.
Here we are with the lake in the background. See, it is the whole Nomad Clan. Mr. Nomad holding Bubby, me behind Princess, and the shadow in the foreground, that would be The General taking the picture. Who knew you could capture the entire family without a tripod? Don't we look great after 10 hours of traveling? (No zooming please.)
Now here is a little useless information which makes this post qualify for Boring Saturday Posts: Did you know, although the lake appears to be right along the interstate that runs through Salt Lake City, you actually have to drive about 10-15 miles west to get to the lake? One of the locals told us the lake is shrinking. He said it is because of all the urban sprawl. That, and the people rerouting the water so it doesn't just drain into the lake like it used to. Now I have no scientific research to support this, just the observation of a yocal local. Isn't the reflection just amazing? It was a pretty calm day, but the water is so still because of its incredible salinity. If I'm remembering correctly, it can be as high as 30%. Considering the ocean is only about 2%-3% salt, that is impressive. With all the salt comes a sort of smell you really cannot label under the pleasant category.
Now, we did see birds floating on the water and flying all around, but there are no fish that can survive the salty waters. The only living thing in the lake are briny shrimp (meaning no fish), which the birds like just fine. (This information is what I am remembering from the little park leaflet we picked up.)
A little background story for you on the next photo: When we drove into Salt Lake City, we'd been on the road all day. We were all tired and ready to just get out of the van and relax, BUT we wanted to see The Great Salt Lake. So we coaxed the children into more driving and headed out to the lake. That is where the first two photos were taken. It was one of those Griswold moments. We came, we saw, we've got the picture, let's go.
Here comes the funny part. We drive back to the Air Force Base, only to drive up and see a beautiful view of the lake. The kiddos were like, "you mean we had to ride in the van for an extra 1 1/2 hours, and the view of the lake was here all along?!?" Shortly after, we were carrying in our bags, Bubby managed to get his first bee sting, the big kids were on each others nerves. . . . due to it being the first bee sting, Mr. Nomad and I were scrambling to find the nearest ER on the map. It was a beautiful moment.
After things calmed down Mr. Nomad went for milk with The General. I took Bubby and Princess for a little walk. Which is where this picture was born. Bubby survived the bee sting, Princess and The General survived one another, we watched the beautiful sunset and all was right with the world.
At the time Mr. Nomad and I laughed at ourselves. We thought we had been foolish to drag the family all the way out to the lake for a closer look, and a few pictures. Now after a few months have gone by, and as I am looking through those pictures, I am so glad we make the trek out there. Although we could easily see the lake from our billeting parking lot, it didn't quite photograph so well. If I didn't know it was back there, I would have no idea The Great Salt Lake was there at all.
How funny, it took finally putting this post together for me to see the huge difference in the quality of pictures we took that day. The ones out at the lake are amazing, while the sunset photos are nice. It is just more about the sunset than a unique body of water. Hmm. . .I guess blogging has it's advantages after all.
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  1. What a fabulous day. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing this story. I have never seen the Great Salt Lake and now I want to go there someday.

  3. It was pretty. I would make sure you stop by Zion National Park if you ever find yourself in UT. It is AMAZING. I have pictures of our stop there last summer. Somewhere back in my June or July archive I believe.
    A little tip about traveling in UT. Just because it shows a stop on the map, doesn't necessarily mean there will be anything there. Poor Princess had to hold it for a VERY long time!

  4. OF COURSE blogging has its advantages, woman!! How could you doubt that for even a second?!! :D

    Love the story. Love the pics. And I'm SOOO jealous of all the cool places you've been! Though I'm happy for you, of course. : )

  5. Yes, traveling has been one of my favorite aspects of military life. Only surpassed by the wonderful friendships we have made over the years. Those two things make the "suck it up" part worth it. Of course, if you are surrounded by wonderful friends, there is a lot you can "suck up"!

  6. ok I did not find that boring at all...what does that tell you...not looking good for the home team!

  7. This post was actually for you. I knew you wouldn't find it boring, and neither did I. . .BUT, I'm sure others might be yawning. What made it boring was the fact that it took me 5 months to post it. Therefore, old, boring news.