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Sunday, January 3, 2010

It seems I've picked up a bug. . .

As I was innocently blog hopping the other day, it seems I picked up a bug. I thought H1N1 was the big bad virus I needed to beware of this year. Who would of thought a little blog visiting would be so painful. McAfee doesn't pick up this virus, so Mr. Nomad has been diligently trying to debug the hard drive on the laptop. So until we get to the bottom of this virtual illness, my time here is limited. I'm afraid I won't be too popular if I infect the other computer.
Here I am in the midst of Christmas break, without the daily responsibility of schooling, and no computer! Now that is just wrong.
So, if anyone has advice on fixing my computer I would greatly appreciate it. I miss my bloggy friends. (Sniffle, sniffle.)


  1. I wish I had advice but I don't! I can't imagine what kind of virus one gets from blog hopping. Now I'm nervous.

  2. Hi Tami! I read every post and LOVE them. Sorry I don't comment more.

    We have two user profiles on our computer (windows XP). The admin user is for when we're installing stuff (no internet use) and then we have a restricted daily use log in. Its set up to not allow any programs to install, so most bugs can't run under this restriction, giving AVG more time to catch them. This had done the most to protect us from bugs. We also use AVG Anti Guard Free Version. I always got weird bugs when I had McAfee but never with AVG. The other thing that will help is always read email online (like with gmail, not using outlook) only download it to your computer if you're absolutely sure its a clean file. I don't really have any advice on how to fix the computer. When we get bugs we generally just wipe the hard drive and start over.

    Hope this is helpful.

  3. Tami, we have Avast, I think. Dave is in charge of the computers, and we haven't had any bugs in recent years. Dave is awesome for someone with no formal training. In the past, he has wiped our hard drive and re-installed all programs. What a pain! and I lose so much. I'm just grateful I don't have to bend my mind around this box, my husband is most definitely my higher power with the computer.

    You can't have internet without a good anti-virus program anymore.

    Hope it all gets better soon!

  4. Thank you ladies. "Wiping the hard drive" sounds familiar. I believe that is what Mr. Nomad is doing. Yes, he is the computer expert around here. Division of labor is most necessary here. He does the computers, I school the children. Somehow I think I have gotten the better end of the deal. Shhh. . .don't tell. Being the schooling momma has earned me lots of points over the years. :)

  5. Guess you're all fixed up now, huh? Thank goodness (and Mr. Nomad) for that!