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Friday, January 8, 2010

Seven Quick Takes: Volume Two

1. I am smitten with my little boy. Last night when I was snuggling him in the darkness, I whispered in his little ear, "You, my little man are loved. You are beautifully and wonderfully made." He whispered back, "you are gooder made."

2. Today that same boy came to me and very seriously asked, "Mommy will you please, please, please go spank The General? Right now! He won't let me play with his Legos." How empty my days would be without this little person.
3. Overall I am so pleased with our Christmas season. We had less presents, but the kiddos didn't even notice. The focus remained on Christ, and for that I am so grateful.
4. I am less than thrilled with my older children. It appears they have discovered the joy of giving one another wedgies. Running through the house, chasing one another as I type. AGH! Yes, I realize they too make my life the full, wonderful place that brings me joy. But wedgies? Really?
5. It is raining here today, not the mist I can easily tolerate. More the Midwest kind, that soaks you as soon as you step out the door. It looks like I won't be walking. :( Instead I'll have to find will power somewhere to get off the computer, and do some sort of exercise within the confines of my house. Hmm. . .maybe I can include the children. That would be good to burn off some of their excess energy. Ideas anyone???
6. Bubby is still in love with his pacifier. Bigger AGH! He only has it at bedtime, but I REALLY, REALLY want it to be gone. The crippling fear, he will become a thumb sucker. I had a cousin who sucked his thumb well into the teen years. I can at least control the paci, not so much the thumb.
7. Is it bad that at 1:40 PM we are all still in our jammies? It seems pointless to make the kiddos get dressed for a low key school day at home. I'll just keep telling myself that it's okay, and the guilt will subside. ;)
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  1. Yeah, about the wedgies my bottom still burns.


  2. Sounds like a typical day with kids. Maybe Simon Says type of exercise with each one taking a turn? I would forbid the wedgies. Easier said than done, I suppose.

  3. Let me guess the cousin, lol! No more comments out of me, cause they would only be negative! Nick had his "pacer" til he was 5, and I played "never offer, never refuse" with him. Every time I saw one I put it in a drawer, and he knew where they were so he could get it for himself. It didn't take long. I did this with Desi's bottle at 2 1/2 too. If she wanted it, she got it, otherwise I never offered. It's a good technique that works well for us softies.

    I can't get moving today. I had to go out this AM or I might still be in jammies too.

  4. I have thumb sucker. She is 4. I try not to worry too much about it. Yet.

  5. 6. I'm getting goosebumps! I just posted my "quick takes" and posted about the paci issue myself! I like the never off idea. I've been trying to remember to never offer to my 2 1/2 year old but I think I still do it. Mine know where they are and more than happily grab them. My 4 1/2 year old uses his at night and knows he can NEVER have it if he is out of bed. That's how I started with him. I told him he could have it whenever he wanted it but if he had it hehad to be in bed. It worked. Now his last paci is "gone" and we are toughing it out.
    5. Perfect sollution for exercise. I just did this today with my 8 and 11 year olds. YOu use a deck of cards. Assign a certain kind of exercise to each suit (e?). We did hearts= pushups, spades= situps, diamonds=jumping jacks, clubs = squats. Take turns turning one card up at a time. Whatever number is on the card you do that many reps of the given exercise. For Aces you do 15 reps, for face cards you do 10 reps, and the rest are face value. The kids had fun and I definitely got 3 minutesof good exercise!

    We have a lot in common, Tami! I don't feel so alone in this big, big world!

  6. Mary,
    They are forbidden. Mr. Nomad and I had an administrative meeting about consequences. Now for implementation. . . Good idea with Simon Says, Bubby would love that. It is supposed to be rainy again tomorrow, so I'll have the perfect opportunity to try it out.
    I debated putting that in, but it really is my fear. I knew you would know who I was talking about. I'm trying the offering thing right now. We just put Bubby down, without the paci. So far he hasn't mentioned it. (It has been only 10 minutes, but that is progress. I'll let you know tomorrow how it went.)
    The pediatric dentist we had in DC wasn't worried about it at all. He said it really isn't a problem until they get their permanent teeth in. I just worry that it will become a habit he can't stop.
    What a great idea with the cards. Yet another great game you can play with a simple deck of cards. It is nice to be in this together. Not nearly so lonely, and it is so much more fun to share this tremendous blessing with friends.

  7. "You are gooder made." I love that, Tami! What a precious little guy.

    Oh, and FWIW, if he's not a thumb-sucker by now, he won't be. Don't worry :)

  8. Offering update: He made it about 20 minutes. He actually fell asleep without the paci, but his big brother was LOUD and woke him up. Then he wouldn't go down without it. Darn. We'll just keep working on it. I'm sure he be done with it in time to leave for college. Right?

  9. Since Elijah would never take a pacifier I can't sympathize. However, I have heard of people taking the paci's and tying them to balloons. You go outside and get your child really excited to send the paci's to wherever would touch their heart... like, babies who don't have them and really need them, pacifier heaven, etc. I have heard that it works great and the kids never ask for them. Not saying that it will work, but it's an idea.

  10. Hmmm. . .paci heaven? I'll have to think about this one. With my luck Bubby would just get mad at Jesus for stealing his dog, then his pacifier.