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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Treasures: Turkish Trunk

Mary over at Hope Echoes has come up with a fun little segment called Tuesday Treasures. On a couple of Tuesdays each month, she invites us all to share a bit about a treasure found in our homes.
My Tuesday Treasure is a trunk my husband brought back from one of his trips to Turkey. I love the beautiful hand carving. The light and darkness of the work make it a very unique piece. However, my favorite part is that this trunk has history. It reminds me of the trips Mr. Nomad goes on in service to our country.
More than that it reminds me how much he loves me. Mr. Nomad is a very practical man. Hauling a Turkish Trunk halfway around the world is neither easy or practical. Yet he went out of his "box" to bring me something special.


  1. I love it, that trunk is phenominal! And the sentiments about the hubby serving our country and hauling trunks all over the world, a treasure. Thanks for sharing.

  2. VERY cool! Beautiful workmanship and a treasure of a man!

  3. Two wonderful treasures! I'm a little envious of the man (in a healthy way) and am DROOLING over that trunk!

  4. Wow, Tami!! That's one beautiful Tuesday Treasure!! And that hubby of yours is definitely a keeper! : )

  5. Marti,
    I know. Sometimes I get jealous of the cool places he gets to visit. But then again I probably wouldn't enjoy sleeping with bugs and other scary critters, in a tent, in the desert, when it is 110 degrees out. So I just stay home and live vicariously.
    Yes, he is a keeper. We are a good match. Our weaknesses don't make the other person crazy, and our strengths compliment one another nicely. God was so good to me.

  6. That is a treasure!! What a sweet and selfless gift.