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Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Days

Bubby LOVES the snow. He helped Daddy shovel the sidewalk, played, went sledding, and howled when we made him come in. His chubby little cheeks started to turn white, poor baby. All he wanted was more time outside. It's a good thing we had whipped topping for the hot chocolate today!

Princess and her friends found a little hill in the neighborhood for sledding. She had such a great time. She too enjoyed a day of fun in the snow. Here's a tip I had never thought of: NEVER let your long haired, slightly curly haired girl outside to whirl around all day without braids! It took a good half hour of wet, conditioned hair to get all the snarls out.
Where, oh where in all this wintry fun is The General?? Well, this mean mom made them do math before they could enjoy the snow day. . .one of the downsides to being a home schooled kid.
Then there was the wardrobe issues. You see The General has had a growth spurt, and his snow boots and pants no longer fit. Guess whose things he borrowed? MINE! I can't believe he can wear my boots without tripping all over the place. Where did my little boy go?
Well, by the time he had worked all the kinks out of his uncomfortable winter clothing Dad had already come in with the camera. He and an army buddy did enjoy making forts. Unfortunately, since he had my cold weather gear, this Momma was not heading out in the weather to get pictures.


  1. How fun! You probably didn't think you needed to get No. 1 Son snow gear for Northern VA, did you?
    I guess the six inches we got here in Omaha on Friday night made it's way east to you.

  2. Gah!
    ITS way to you
    not IT'S
    Bad commenter! Must learn to spell!

  3. Even the straight haired girls need a braid when wearing a hat or hood all day.

    I tried to track down the boys to get a picture of their fort, but they had ditched it in favor of sledding down an obstacle course they made. Or so I was told, since I never did find them.

    Love the new template!

  4. from now until they all get bigger--way bigger nothing is sacred...nothing.

  5. Jody,
    I can see that now. Maybe you should have warned me about this phenomenon. Princess has officially claimed the wool socks I loaned her for sledding.
    Does there come a time when their things will fit me and I will want to borrow from them???