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Monday, April 20, 2009

God is with us.

Do you ever have those experiences, where you are completely out of your "groove", but you know the Holy Spirit is working in your life? You know God has a plan for you, and if you are patient it will be revealed? Of course it will be just what you needed, not what you planned or wanted, but what you needed.

Our time in Washington DC was a lot like that for me. I would never have chosen to have my husband stuck at the Pentagon for 4 long years, but the growth our family experienced was amazing. Living on base with a ton of other homeschoolers, we were able to provide an environment for our children that was close to perfect. The General and Princess were able to have some autonomy, yet I knew they were safe. They were also able to have lots of friends to play with, without me having to drive to play dates. This was crucial given the fact that traffic in DC can be a nightmare, and we had a baby/toddler.

Well Sunday we went to mass, back at the parish we belonged to last time we were stationed here. We weren't certain we were going back, not because we didn't like it, but because there may be a parish that is closer to our new home. Let's just say, I'm having that feeling again. The one where I'm not sure what the plan is, but God has big plans for us here in Washington State.

Here's what happened. We walked into church and were barely in the building when we ran into two of The General's former classmates. (We sent The General to catholic school here for K & 1st grade.) We exchanged pleasantries, but we needed to get into mass. As we were walking into the sanctuary, I see The General's best buddy from before. They had lost touch, neither of them are big writers (like most little boys, they'd rather play than write letters). During mass I kept recognizing faces, children that had been in The General's class sitting with their families. It was amazing how they had grown up so much, yet were so much the same. After mass I went up to The General's buddy's parents. They were thrilled to learn we were back in town, apparently his buddy had missed The General just as much as The General had missed him.

I won't bore you with the rest of the play by play, but I can tell you this: we ran into more people we knew Sunday than we used to see when we were regular parishioners! The General reconnected with his buddy, and even attended the junior high youth group (yes, they have a group for junior high and one for high school!). He had a blast, and wants to go every week. I even met a home school mom that belongs to the parish homeschool group. Yes, God is at work. Although I'm out of my groove right now, I know I need to be patient and rest in the peace that He alone has the perfect plan for my family.

Again thank you for all of your prayers. See, He is answering them!


  1. That is too beautiful!....I love to hear you are doing well, It's so great to see familiar faces.....love it!

  2. I do miss seeing your happy face on Saturday mornings though!

  3. When the Lords answers those unanswered prayers, its always better than we could have requested.
    He is faithful.