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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick Update

I thought keeping you up to date while we traveled cross country was going to be easier. We've been able to get Internet access at most of our hotels, but what they don't have is extra helpers or time. It seems as soon as we check in we get everyone in their suits, big kiddos not so much work. Bubby insisting he can, "DO IT MYSELF!" takes a little longer. We swim, quick shower, find a restaurant, feed the kiddos and by the time we are back at the hotel we are getting everyone into bed. Not so much time for blogging :(

We have successfully made it to Idaho! Fortunately the flooding wasn't too bad on the interstate in ND. So we were able to see my sister and her family, a very nice treat indeed. I'll post the pictures of the water across the road soon.

Yesterday and today my driving experience was vastly improved as I was soaking in the beautiful sights of the mountains. I love the mountain views, with the beautiful evergreens. Today there was a special treat. Although the calendar says mid April the mountains looked like a Christmas postcard, with the evergreens covered with a fresh coat of snow.

If all continues to go smoothly we arrive at our final stop tomorrow afternoon. I think we will take the kiddos by our new house. Of course it doesn't look like much now, but at least it gives us all hope of the future this next assignment holds for our family.

Stay tuned for photos updates sometime this weekend.


  1. Oh, how I miss the PNW!
    Your long journey is almost over. Yeah!

  2. I could live somewhere that you get to see snow most of the time!!