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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Promising Connections

Monday night I was invited, or maybe I just crashed, a mom's night out with the Catholic Homeschool group I found on the web. The members are from several different parishes here in the South Sound, but they meet at our church.

It was an enjoyable evening. The ladies were very welcoming, and full of information about homeschooling here in Washington State. There were no other military families, which is a plus and a minus. Plus, they don't move all the time. These ladies have grown up here, so they really know the area. They are a wealth of information. Minus, sometimes non-military people don't "get" our life.

More than that, sometimes they don't like to invest in friendships with us. I hope these families like us, mostly for my children. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have friends. Right now though I'm more concerned about The General and Princess. Not having friends is hard for little people used to walking out the door to a neighborhood filled with children.

The really funny thing is this. When I am out with my children, yes the whopping three of them, I get comments about how many children I have. It seems anything over two is crazy these days. Well, we are by far the smallest family in this new group. Most of the families had around 8 children, with one having 14! Almost all of them had kiddos The General, Princess & Bubby's age. If they like us, we are going to have a really good time! Oh, I hope they like us. . .

Maybe a better phrase would be, "I hope we have enough in common to become great friends." I'm finding the longer we do this moving thing, the less I am enjoying making friends. It's not that I don't enjoy getting to know people. It is just that I am not done with my old friends yet. I long to spend more time with them. I miss the history I have with people we've been stationed with. You know the ones who watch your children, while you are in the hospital? The ones that you cling to in times of crisis? Yes, I miss those people.


  1. I sure can relate, Tami! This last move has been the hardest on us, and this was suppose to be the BEST because we bought our own home. I've been reading a blog called "No longer quivering" about the "Quiver full" mindset of lots of kids, patriarchy, and homeschooling. I stumbled across it one day when I was searching on the internet regarding conservative churches, which I am NOT interested in....but dang, the music is good!(at this Baptist church that Desi and I have been attending) Making friends here has been very hard, and I think it may have something to do with ME, and how I am just not interested in yet another acquaintance when I'm missing past friends a lot. I don't think we'll ever be "done with old friends".

    Desi has yet to meet a great playmate here. I feel so bad for her, she is very social. But, we do the best we can, and God is in charge of the results. I think if I do my best to give her a great life, then, what happens----happens.

    Dave has a cousin who is in Germany with her family now. Hubby's in the Army. They(she and the kids) are coming back this summer because the military kids are too mean to their kids.

    It IS hard to move around alot. Love, Brenda

  2. Just remind yourself that at the beginning of your time at each new place, you thought that you would never meet and make friends as wonderful as the friends you left or who left you. If you are anything like me, you've been proven wrong each time.
    It will happen. Be patient.
    (Now I need to take my own advice!)

  3. HEY I am #600 on your counter!!! When i had all littles people would ask if a ran a day care. You will dazzle those people, you'll have so many freinds they will have to take a number. How do I know this you ask...i know u

  4. Thank you all for your uplifting comments. You are right. God has us here for a purpose. Each time I make a new set of friends there is wisdom gained from the experience. I just need to be prayerful and rest in His peace.