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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Knitting Project Updates

Here I am with my bag prior to felting, and with my hair prior to the big cut.

Just waiting for the bag to dry so I can attach the handles. (It took about 4-5 days. For the bag to completely dry, not sew on the handles. I mean I'm pokey sometimes, but really!)This would be the after shot. I'm sporting my new do and my felted bag. Isn't it amazing how much the bag shrinks when you felt it?
Last but not least are the socks that were giving me trouble. Thanks to my friend Lorri, I was able to learn all the tricks to making a sock. (She is a very good teacher.) In fact the second one only took a few days, so now I have my very own hand knitted socks. I'm wearing them as I type!
Now if I could just get settled and find some time, I would love to finish the little sweater I'm working on. Until then, I'd better get some sleep.


  1. Fabulous! You're so talented!
    LOVE the colors you chose for your bag. And the "L" monogram is classic.
    I'm trying to screw up the courage for socks. They're so intimidating! but I've found a knitting group here and they're an encouraging bunch. I splurged on some amazing sock yarn so I guess I just need to pick a somewhat simple pattern and get started!

  2. I love your socks. What yarn is that? And the bag turned out great!

  3. I tried the felting thing, it didn't work.. however, I did make it up as I went along and don't know enough about it to do that:) Yours looks great! I'm jealous! CUTE!

  4. I'm happy to see some pictures! And yes I am still having sock envy! You are talanted.

  5. Okay ladies, here's the skinny. The sock yarn I used is from JoAnn's, but I cannot find my knitting back to get you the exact name. It was self striping. Jennifer, the pattern I used is the Beginner Socks Knitting pattern designed by Kim Goddard. It was a free pattern I found googling on-line.
    The bag was another free pattern I found at http://crochetme.com/print/428. It is called the Pike Place Market Bag. (Perfect for me now that I'm back in WA.) It has the directions for felting included.
    Speaking of the felting, Tessa did you knit or crochet something and then felt? Or did you use an old sweater, felt it and then sew? To felt, you basically put the project in a tied pillow case into a top loading washer. Let it fill with hot water and agitate. My bag took about 20 minutes, but it depends upon how loosely the knit of the project. I would suggest starting with 10 mintues and then just check it every few minutes. After the bag was felted I had to shape it by putting boxes and plastic bags inside to give it shape. Then just let it sit to dry, which can take a while.
    If you have more questions about felting and then sewing, Becky is the girl to go to. She takes old sweaters and makes the cutest diaper covers and pants for her little one.

  6. Wow! That is a really cool bag....you're good! You look great with your sexy hair......:0) it's so great to see your smile! We miss you guys so much!.....:0)

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  8. Okay....you and Jody definitely got the crafty genes. So I'm green (the color of the bag) with envy! And how do you do it with kids? Desirae would have the yarn spread from one end of the house to the other. Tonight Dave had to untangle the cat from her beading him excessively. He had beads wrapped all around him.

    Love the bag, and the makeover!

  9. I have the advantage of having the big kiddos around to help with Bubby. Yes, there are times when he likes to "help" me out too.

  10. I love the bag, socks and your hair cut! You look fabulous! I miss you and your kids - I avoid your street these days, because your house and yard are so empty. You made me laugh when I read about the rain! I felt the same way when we returned to CA after being away for two years. The first time we lived there I didn't remember it every raining - just misting 80% of the time. Then, the next time we lived there, it rained and rained and rained :-). I hope you're staying warm and dry! Aren't you glad you have warm socks to wear?