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Sunday, April 12, 2009

MN: Land of 10,000 Lakes, and even more visits :)

Just kidding, about the visits, but there really are that many lakes. Our days have been full of time spent celebrating the love of Our Lord, as well as cherished moments with our family and friends. It is a bit crazy to try and pack so much into a short time on our drive through Minnesota. However, it is always so nice to reconnect, even if only on a small level with those we love, but do not get to see often.
Some highlights:
*Watching the ice on the lake, and wondering when it will "go out" this year.
*An afternoon with my neices the Chicks and Chicklets (remember them from my prayer request a few months ago?) Whenever I see them and hold them, I'm nearly moved to tears. I am amazed at their progress, and so grateful for the Chicklets lives.
*A visit to my Grandma, she is 92. I'm certain her love and prayers are what brought me many of the blessings I've enjoyed in my life.
*Watching my children play with their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful family that love and support us. It is what gives this military family our roots, our grounding. Even though we float about the country, there is always a place we can call home.
*Princess saying, "But we don't have a home?" when asked about her house.
*Attending a Sung Tenebrae service with my in-laws. I was without children, and able to really prayfully engage in the service without any distractions. It was quite moving.

Tomorrow we are off to see more family. It is our last day here in MN. We head out for ND on Tuesday, one last family stop with my other sister. I can't wait. I haven't seen her since last summer. Bubby and her youngest are partners in crime, it should be a riot!

I'll post photos and more about our excursions when I have time & computer capabilities.

Again I want to thank you all for the prayers for safe travel and a smooth moving transition. My family is doing well, and I know God is keeping us in the palm of His hand.

Until next time,


  1. I wish you were traveling through Omaha. We sure would love to see you but I know it's out of your way.
    When you get to WA and get settled, let me know. I have a couple of friends there that I would love for you to meet.
    Continued safe journeys!

  2. Really? That would be so nice. You know how it is being the new kid on the block.