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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Goodbye Kennedy Center, Thanks for the Memories

As we are quickly approaching our move date, we find ourselves saying goodbye to some of our favorite places. Last week we attended our last performance at the Kennedy Center. While I won't miss the DC traffic, this is definitely one of the DC perks I will long for when I find myself on the other side of the country. Over the past 3 1/2 years we have been fortunate to experience some amazing cultural performances. Watching Richard Thomas (John Boy from the Waltons) perform in the reading of The Trumpeter Swan last December was probably my all time favorite. The Kennedy Center has such wonderful programs for children. The talent is top notch, with great sets and costumes. Many times the themes are historical or educational. With affordable tickets, you cannot top their programs for children and the arts. Princess, The General, two of our neighbors, and the famous Kennedy bust. Since this was our last visit, I made the kiddos pose and do the whole tourist thing.
Left: Bubby, a friend, and Princess in front of wedding gowns from different cultures.
Right: Princess and her friend having fun with the photo shoot. This is on the top floor of the Kennedy Center. As you can see, the architecture is more contemporary than most DC sites. It is beautiful, but with more sleek lines and a modern feel.

The gang out on the terrace of The Kennedy Center. You can walk all the way around, with views of most major landmarks. It was a nice sunny day, so you'll have to look closely in the backgrounds. Above you can see the Jefferson Memorial on the left, with the Lincoln Memorial on the right.

Over The General's head is The National Cathedral. On the far right of the picture is the very edge of the Water Gate Hotel.
The General and Bubby are in a life size kaleidoscope. It was part of a special artist series they had on display. Can you see why I am going to miss this place so much??? Thanks for the memories Kennedy Center. I only hope these treasures will be locked away in my children's hearts forever.

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  1. That kaleidoscope is so fun!! I bet you will find fun but in different flavor on the other side!