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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Hair Style???

I'm going in for a hair cut and color on Friday. I've had pretty much the same look now for over a year. Which is really a long time for me. I like to change things up. The main problem is I have really thin, fine hair, so I am limited in my options. My mother-in-law suggested I try this look. What do you think? Other suggestions?


  1. Cute. I should have you help me when contemplating my hair. I did the same style for many years (all my life???). Now I got that newish A-line cut, and am thinking what next? I cut Desi's into it as well....now here I go with that mother-daughter look alike stuff....hmmmm. I love it on desirae, I love the back being so short and the longer more feminine front. But my NECK gets cold! Now I understand scarves and turtle necks. One fashion just leads into another.

    It's cute, I'd do it if I were you. Your face has a nice shape to support it.

  2. I swear, that poor girl looks so hungry, I can't help but want to mail her a cheeseburger or something.

    Wow. If you can pull-off a hairstyle like that, I say 'go for it'!

  3. I always knew you wanted to be a blonde like me~! I think it would look cute on you. Go for it!

  4. That reminds me of a much harder to keep hairstyle than Kate's from John & Kate + 8. I think you should do a style like hers. She's got the highlights and low-lights and it looks super easy to maintain. And, I agree with Shannon- that girl needs a healthier looking way to be thin.

  5. Thank you all for your input. I was thinking cut, not color. Sorry Rosen, I only want a few blond highlights.
    I will check out Kate's hair before I visit Brett.
    Yes, I agree she needs to add some weight. Shannon, you may have to add a couple of cakes to the cheeseburger you are sending.

  6. i just got my hair cut and i have the same kind of hair as you ( thanks aunty!) and its kinda like that but a little differnt!