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Monday, March 30, 2009

Somebody's Knockin'. . .

That would be the packers. Yes, the day has arrived. . . and yes, it still doesn't seem real. I don't know if it is because we've been here so long. . .or I thought the Air Force would never let my husband out of the Pentagon . . . or what it is that makes this move so surreal. I knew it was coming. I went out to Washington State and bought a new house, I've now been to several farewells, but it is not registering with my brain. Maybe after the packers have our house torn apart today??

Notice how I skimmed over the farewells? It's a little coping technique I've mastered through our many moves over the years. I don't let myself "feel" the goodbyes until we're gone. Crying and blubbering all over the place is so embarrassing. I mean really, who looks good in the ugly cry? So I wait until I'm safely down the road to fall apart in the privacy of my family. Oh, gotta run. Hitting too close to home. Might cry, must go.


  1. Oh sister - I feel for you. Those moving days are sooo surreal! Nothing like a bunch of (&&^%^%$ tramping through your house getting peeks at your undies and expecting free lunch.

    Sometimes they are really good guys though. You just never know....

    I'm thinking of you today!!! Breathe. Breathe. Stay calm.

    You are going to love Washington. I grew up in Oregon and love the PNW (pacific northwest).

    Congrats on your husbands escape from the Pentagon.
    Take care,

  2. Can you get done with the cryin' part before you get to my house? You know I am a sympathy cryer! Be sides I will have a very hard time holding it in until you are down the road from my place. I'm counting down the days!

  3. hey, Tami!....maybe we'll get a chance to visit each other. I'm about 2 hrs from the Washington-Oregon border on I-5. What town are you moving to?

    I've moved 4 times since Desirae was born (she's 5) so I know exactly how you feel. I think it's almost harder with every move. Atleast it gets to be a bit routine....making the phone calls, checking out new schools and churches, googling a map every time you go somewhere new. New support groups (for moms of special needs).....and those are lifesavers--a room of people ready to call you a friend!

    Have a great trip, and a fun visit with Jody and family.

    Love, Brenda

  4. Hey, you think you're crying!
    The rest of us are losing it.....
    We miss you already!...Have a wonderful trip!
    Coralia :0)

  5. Thank you all! I so appreciate the prayers and words of encouragement.
    Brenda, we will definitely have to get together.
    Coralia, Saturday mornings will never be the same!