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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Scenes from Jefferson's Memorial

This is one of my favorite of the monuments and memorials sprinkled about Washington, D.C. It is not directly on the mall, so many times it isn't as crowded as the others. It overlooks the tidal basin, and during cherry blossom season, it is breath taking. (This is a photo we took last year.)

Make sure to stop by the visitor center in the basement. It has some interesting displays and videos playing. Always seek out the park rangers, they are a wealth of information. They are thrilled to find people who are interested in learning about history, not simply there for a photo (they especially love children who ask good history questions, and reward said children with FREE stuff :). You can obtain a little National Park Visitor booklet from them, and each time you visit a different site they will stamp that site into your booklet. This can be fun for the kiddos. . .now if only I could remember those booklets when we go touring!

The General, Princess and their cousin while she was visiting us a few weeks ago.

Bubby & I at the foot of the monument. That is the tidal basin, with the Washington Monument (AKA the white crayon-at least that's what the neighborhood kiddos call it :) in the background.

A favorite quote that is engraved on the wall. The irony is Jefferson never freed his slaves.
Bubby & I walking around the statue of Jefferson. I was trying to keep him quiet, as he was not happy to be in the stroller--punishment for running off. Sometimes it is hard to be a little boy. Sometimes it is even harder to be the mommy of a little boy touring :)

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  1. The General no longer looks like a boy, he's headed for young man. Do you know why Jefferson never freed his slaves? Is that the coat Colonel Potter gave you for Chirstmas? By the way I don't think you will need it where your going to live. That cousin needs a snappy little handle.