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Friday, March 20, 2009

Three is a Magic Number

Happy Birthday Bubby!! Cake, it is always the best part. His was my interpretation of Radiator Springs. I went on-line for inspiration, but all they had were examples from crazy mothers who use fondant. What happened to those down to earth mommies that use regular old stuff you get at the commissary? I went over to Shannon's Cake School, but she hadn't unpacked yet. . . Alas, I pulled out every Cars book in the house. Princess and I scoured the pages for Radiator Springs inspiration. It turned out pretty cute.
This was Bubby's 3rd Birthday, he is our 3rd child. Generally 3 is an odd number, and doesn't really fit. In this case, it is the perfect number. Bubby is the completion to our family. There are 6 years between Princess and Bubby, many of those years were spent in deep prayer. I kept saying, "Oh we have two beautiful, healthy children. This is manageable. We need to be done." However, God had placed this little boy on my heart. Each time I was certain we were finished with babies, I would feel this tugging at my heart. For some reason I kept feeling like there was one more baby for us. I'm so glad I finally listened to God's calling. Bubby does give me a run for my money, but oh is that boy sweet.
Here he is with a couple of his best friends, the little neighbors. They were playing pin the tire on Doc Hudson. It was a Cars party. This was Bubby's first party with his own little friends. Do you like the decorations? He did the coloring himself. He and his friends had such a great time. Princess came up with a few fun games, but mostly they just enjoyed playing together. It was a fun day. Yes, three is a magic number.


  1. I love that little cake face!! You and The Princess are so creative!! GOOD JOB! Yes 3 is a majic #, is that from Sesame Street?

  2. It's bizarre looking at your pictures because from a distance, I see Jody and Princess looks like Randi when she was that age. Looks like you made the most of the Capitol!