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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Next stop. . .National Portrait Gallery

Doesn't The General look thrilled to be on another field trip? Since this was a repeat visit, he initially wasn't too happy. It is such a beautiful building, and last time we barely scratched the surface of this gem. I had to come back one last time.

JFK's portrait is unlike any other. As the story goes, he sat for the artist on seven different occasions. This was what she came up with. As president he was a very busy man, and didn't take time for events like this often. It was because this artist was so quick that he allowed her to do his portrait. (At least that's what the docent tour lady told me :) I found this photo of Johnson's swearing in on Air Force One very moving. The look on Jackie's face is haunting. In person, you can see the dark spots of blood still on her jacket.

These are the latest Portraits to arrive at the gallery. It is interesting that George W. looks so casual. The rest of the Presidents have their portraits done with them in either a suit or a military uniform. I love the way Laura is reading a book, it really captures the things that are important to her.

We brought along sketch pads for the kiddos. Princess had a great time sketching this statue of Eve in the Garden of Eden. Bubby also enjoying drawing in his notepad. It really was a great help keeping him occupied while the rest of us explored. This was in the special Lincoln area. The General was checking out the various photos and displays while Princess and I practiced the Waltz steps they had on the floor. Did you know that Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural Ball was held in this building?

These photos were taken on the fourth floor. Can you believe the beauty in the architecture? From the Corinthian Pillars to the mosaics on the floor, it is simply breathtaking. Standing there I could picture women in big beautiful dresses twirling round and round.

This city has so many fabulous sites, I cannot imagine trying to squeeze it all into a vacation. I feel so incredibly blessed that we have had the past 4 years to take it all in.

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  1. OK 1st of all--do you ALWAYS have to look so good in every photo? This was a fun little trip. I like the pic of the Princess sketching, I would love to see it in B & W.