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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fare thee well Oklahoma.

Our time here has ended. Mr. Nomad successfully completed his training, and we are almost all packed up and ready to go. While we are over the moon excited to get up to Washington. To our new house, to start the next chapter in this Air Force life. We are all a bit sad to go.
So we just want to say THANK YOU OKLAHOMA! You have been a beautiful refuge of family time over the years. We've made many, many memories here. Most fond, while others we wear as badges. . .the trials you endure for the right to be called a military family. Yes, we have earned our title and are very proud to be an Air Force Family.
Thank you for reminding us to slow down and enjoy one another. For remembering to find the joy in the small things, and make the best out of every situation. For your beautiful rugged country, and your kind and generous people.
The Nomads probably won't be back for more training, we are coming to the end of this military career. But Oklahoma will always hold a special spot in our hearts.
Until we meet again. (You quickly learn to NEVER say NEVER in the Air Force.) Anyway, good-bye is just too sad.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking us along for the ride. I love how you find the fun spots and look forward to really seeing WA this time threw your blog (and maybe a visit if the good Lord allows)!