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I am an Air Force wife and mother of three precious gifts from God. I enjoy learning at home with my children, and the many adventures this life sends our way. So stop by often to visit, and check out what the Five Nomads are up to.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Packed up and heading out. . .AGAIN!

Colorado has been so much fun. First to have a long weekend with our friends from DC, followed up by a few days in Denver with Mr. Nomad's brother. Oh, it just doesn't get much better than this. I am so grateful we've had these stops to look forward to. It makes it so much easier for all of us to psych ourselves up for yet another long day of travel. Which yesterday Bubby announced, "I told you guys, I'm done with traveling. No more stopping. I just want to be in Washington!"

I think it's time to get him to a home. Mr. Nomads is in the shower as I type. I'll get the big kiddos up in a minute, then it is breakfast and we'll hit the road. Our destination today is Utah. We're excited, as tomorrow morning we are going to check out The Great Salt Lake.

Thank you for all of your prayers, we feel them. God continues to bless us with safe and relatively fun traveling days (hey, after roughly 6,000 miles it can be a stretch). If I could just bother you for a few more days of them. . . we are almost there. We expect to arrive in Washington sometime on Thursday.


  1. Your getting closer!! I feel for Bubby's frustration/anticipation. I'm looking forward to the Salt Lake field trip. Just keep driving, driving, driving, driving......

  2. Our cousin Lisa lives in that neck of the woods. Provo I believe. I love traveling. We used to drive from the Bay Area to Eugene every chance we could, and we've had a few bigger trips. Dave made that area of my life very fun. So....I'm living vicariously right now reading of your adventures! If you head up I-5 thru Oregon, you'll pass us. We live about 20 minutes off the freeway.