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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The movers were GREAT! Definitely an answer to prayer. We have minimal damage so far, which is awesome considering our stuff went into storage. I guess the government changing the policy to full replacement value on lost and broken items is a good motivator. (Previously you would just a percentage of what your things were worth new, depreciated for age.) Whatever the case, I am just so happy the day went well.
Not only did the movers do a good job, they were nice people. They won me over with the Starbuck's coffee/cocoa and donuts they brought for us. I know, they brought us the treats! (Generally we are the ones sucking up, and I bring the donuts!)
To top it off, they not only tolerated having my kiddos around, they seemed to really like them. But oh, they LOVED Bubby. (What's not to love?;) It was quite hilarious. He would evade me, and I'd find him following the guys around. When I would try to get him out of the house and scold for getting in the way, he would say, "But Mommy, this is my friend. He is special to me." They moved the seat on the big wheel for him, and let him help put together his bed and table. At lunch he took his plate over and sat down in their circle announcing, "I'm eating with my friends." Yep, he was living the happy life. Interestingly enough, I think they enjoyed the experience as much as Bubby.
We've made a pretty good dent in the unpacking and setting up, we had every one's beds set up by bedtime. Mr. Nomad hooked up my washer and dryer (oh, I love that man!) so I was able to get fresh sheets and blankets for everyone. The kiddos were so excited to sleep in their own rooms, in their own beds (I'm not the only one in the family affected by the nomadic stint. The children are also appreciative of the small stuff.)
Okay, I can procrastinate no longer. I've got a date with A LOT of boxes. I'll keep you posted.

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