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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where's the Beef? In Meers, OK, of course!

It is our tradition to visit Meers, OK each time we come to Altus, OK for training. This was our fourth trip, with our maiden voyage being way back in 1997 when The General was just a babe. I vividly remember taking turns with Mr. Nomad, walking the floor with the fussy newborn. While I loved my babies, I have to admit it was much better this time when the only fussing we heard was from the kiddos deciding on what to have for dessert. (More on that later.) Yep, this is it Meers, OK. It is pretty much a fork in the road. I'm not even sure what the population is. I doubt it is more than 5. So why would we make it a point to drive 45 minutes for this dumpy looking restaurant at a simple fork in the road? The famous Meers Burger, of course. (The burgers are huge, see Bubby and I were sharing.)When I say famous, I'm serious. Since our last visit back in 2002 the Food Network, and New York Times have been out to visit. The little burger joint in the Wichitas is now famous. I loved the quote from the owner, "the only way I thought a guy from Meers, OK could make the New York Times was to be on the FBI's most wanted list, not by making burgers!"

Yes, the burgers are that good. What makes them so yummy? They claim it is the fresh beef that sets them apart. They raise their own Texas Longhorns, so the beef is as fresh and lean as it gets. No hormones or antibiotics. While I cannot attest to their organic claims, I can tell you the burgers are delicious!

Do you see the side order of fried green tomatoes in the picture. Oh, takes me back to my childhood. My dad and grandma made the best fried green tomatoes. The ones are Meers were good.

Now them big city food critics may have listed the Meers Burger as one of the top 8 burgers across the nation, but what they forgot to mention was the fabulous desserts. I'm talking fresh peach cobbler, topped with creamy homemade ice cream. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Be sure to bring your appetite. The cobbler servings are as generous as the burgers. Four out of five of us shared the cobbler, and we weren't able to finish it off.

I would have to say, in my not so humble opinion, this is another one they should put on The Discovery Trail: Where West Meets Wild.


  1. YUM! that place sounds amazing! i wish we were closer to try it out!
    hey thank you for commenting on the discussion i started on C Jane! i completely agree with you!
    cute blog & family!

  2. I absolutely love the cowboy plate and fruit jar dinner ware! And might I say you are looking so good sister of mine(code for I want that top when you pass it down)! Lets put this place on our list of fun places to go together! That does look very good, we may have to share when we're old and frugal.

  3. Thank you Amelia. I'm flattered you stopped by. Drop by again.
    Jody, I'd love to share a Meers Burger with you one day.