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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We've been dedicated to the letter P!

You know how on Sesame Street they dedicate each day to a letter? Well, I'm dedicating this blog entry to the letter P. (Notice blogging does not begin with the coveted P? Hence, minimal blogging for me with so much P left to do!)
Since I last updated we have been busy painting, unpacking, preparing meals, and praying. Oh, did I mention the painting? It seems the fresh new walls need LOTS of paint, so we've had to go back and redo most areas. The end result is great, but the unfortunate thing is Mr. Nomad's enthusiasm is waning--he's not alone. We've finsihed the upstairs common areas, so we're hanging up the rollers for a few days.
The only thing I'll be painting today are Princess's Piggies. After Bubby duty this past week, she deserves a treat. Rightfully so, Bubby is demading some play time, which fortunately is in with the P crowd.


  1. We're Praying for the Painting to leave you unPained and very Pleased! Miss you and will write more on our money Pit Purchase later! Peace and Blessings! the Lobash Family

  2. You such a funny girl!!! Amen, I hear you about the painting. Especially those darker colors do require at least 2 coats (I had to do 3 in some places in the frog, because it's tera cotta). I'm sure it's beautiful, though friend, and I can't wait to see it!

  3. I will "P"ost when I get a moment, and thank you for the prayers. Yes, I can tell I am 10 years older than the last time we built a house. Putting in the lawn, staining the fence, and finishing the basement were all such fun DITY projects. Now I "feel" it the next day, I guess I'm not twenty something anymore.
    I can't wait to show it off, so any of you in the Pacific Northwest stop by.